Mindfulness Coaching

Happiness comes from within, and the art of living starts with mindfulness. Mindfulness is the energy of present moment awareness, and the foundation of discipline and self control. There is nothing in this world that cannot be achieved if done in the spirit of mindful action, discipline and determination. Similarly, without Mindfulness – Nothing truly great in life can ever be gained.

By cultivating the energy of mindfulness, and by learning some of the important and life changing tools of inner-transformation and present moment awareness, YOU can start to overcome your short-comings and to take responsibility for your life. YOU can cease to live as simply a result of your past actions, and start to become the cause and conscious creator of your future and destiny.

With mindfulness coaching, you can learn to stop living reactively, and to stop being influenced by what other people think. Go beyond simply trying to fit into other peoples ideas of what they think you should be doing. Most of all, lets learn to stop being “stuck” and unable to move forward by your own self limiting beliefs.

Our mindfulness coaching sessions will help you to find out for yourself who you really are

What is your purpose in life? What are your core beliefs and how do they cause energy to ripple outward to influence your outer world and to create your daily life? What stands between you and the life of your dreams?

These are just some of the many things we will explore on your journey to mindfulness, health, and happiness.

DOMP Dan is an experienced meditation teacher and yoga teacher trained in Kerala, India. He has also spent time living with indigenous people and authentic native healers in Inquitos, Peru. Over many years he has been involved in facilitating a number of different meditation retreats and has been exposed to hundreds of different mindfulness practices that might be just what you need to overcome your short-comings bring your life to the next level!

This Service is perfect for anyone who:

-Wants to overcome self limiting beliefs and to become a powerful conscious creator

-Is facing an important life challenge or lifestyle change

-Feels lost or unsure of their purpose in life

-Struggles find meaning or happiness in this crazy world

-Lacks self control and is seeking tools to strengthen their self-discipline

-Suffers from depression, anxiety, low-self esteem or self-doubt

-Anyone who is generally striving towards self improvement

*Mindfulness Coaching Is Not Covered By Insurance*

*Our service is a great supplement to, but not a substitute for, professional therapy from a licensed mental health worker, psychologist, psychotherapist, ect.*