Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect for my first visit?

The first visit is a little different from the following ones. We will go over a detailed assessment of your history and health condition and structure a custom treatment plan just for you. If time permits we will also go over a short treatment.

What should I wear?

Manual Osteopathy – Unlike massage – Is performed while the patient is completely clothed. For this reason it is best if you wear thin loose fitting clothing. It is not recommended to wear many layers or clothing made of thick materials, as this may restrict the practitioners ability.

Are you covered by Insurance Benefits?

Osteopathy is covered by most major insurance companies under your extended health plan. If you are covered you may get a full or partial refund depending on your policy.

Yoga and Meditation are offered on a cash basis only.

Where are you located?

44 First Street, Orangeville.

I am located inside the top floor of TCM Healthcare Inc. Please note my clinic is up a flight of stairs – If you are currently immobilized by your condition send me an e-mail and we will be happy to accommodate.

How do I book a Yoga or Meditation session?

Yoga and Meditation are held at a different space and require advanced notice. Please contact me at to book and discuss the best possible time. Group classes are also available with Dan at a variety of studios across Orangeville.

What if I can’t afford treatment?

Are you in pain but can’t afford osteopathic care? First and foremost – We want our services to be available to anyone who needs it. If a financial issue is the only thing holding you back from treatment please call or email me here and I would be happy to help accommodate you.

Are Custom Orthotics covered by insurance?

There have been recent changes in insurance policies regarding Custom Orthotics Inserts. Many different healthcare professionals have been affected. For this reason the majority of Insurance companies will NOT allow Manual Osteopath’s to dispense Custom Orthotic Inserts through Insurance benefits.

This means our Custom Orthotic Inserts are offered on a cash only basis.

Do you offer mobile treatments? (Out-calls)

Absolutely we do! However, charges apply.

If you would like us to come to you, please give us a phone call (519-939-9386) to book your appointment. We do not offer online booking for mobile services. The standard rate for a mobile osteopathic treatment is $200 per session. This can vary depending on the location or time of day however.

Please give us a call for a quote and booking!

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