What Makes Osteopathy Different?

Osteopathy is a totally natural, holistic form of treatment that seeks to address a number of issues in the body through hands on manipulation of the muscles, joints, nerves, and organs of the body.

Manual Osteopaths are very well regarded in their ability to treat both acute and chronic pain and many people who try Osteopathy swear by it after seeing the results of even just a few treatments.

One thing that really separates Manual Osteopaths from other health practitioners is our deep philosophy and holistic approach to healing. The core value of the Osteopathic approach is the belief that the body is an interconnected and intelligent unit that is capable of self healing when given the opportunity.

Manual Osteopaths never seek to simply treat a symptom – we always work to seek the root cause of the problem. We are trained to be deeply in tune with the various structures and interconnected layers of the body – We are able to truly understand how a problem in one area can effect the other, and how to correct these issues on a more holistic level – treating the entire system and restoring proper alignment and function on a large scale.

The Osteopathic Approach to pain is so effective that many times a patient can find complete relief even after trying many different kinds of treatment. Manual Osteopaths have a strong reputation as being the “last resort” for patients in chronic pain who have tried everything and have still not achieved results.

A man laying on his back getting a massage