I was asked to help facilitate a silent meditation retreat!

I have always had the dream of running meditation and mindfulness retreats but how could I expect such a beautiful opportunity to come my way?

I will be working with Veronica of Phoenix Healing Arts! Veronica is an amazing yoga teacher and energy healer! She is also a spiritual counselor and an all around good human being.

Veronica will be running this magnificent retreat with yoga and guided meditations, barefoot hiking, and more!

There will also be a wonderful vegan chef Cathy-Anne on site making all of the food as healthy and tasty as can be! I heard such wonderful things about her made-from-scratch vegan recipes.

I will be acting as an on-site Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and helping to facilitate the healing of the body during this time.

This is NOT a vipassana. We will NOT be meditating for 10 hours in silence everyday with no connection, activities or communication.

We WILL be in silence, we WILL NOT have access to our devices. We WILL be ENCOURAGED to connect, paint, read, touch, practice yoga, hike, and more.

This retreat is meant to be a REST FOR THE SOUL.

There is only 1 space left.

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