Arthritis? Joint Pain? Can Osteopathy Help?

Arthritis? Joint Pain?

Osteopathy can help!

What is osteoarthritis? Arthritis is when – due to the wear and tear of life – the cartilage in the bodies joints begins to wear away. Often this is due to instability in the joint, or poor biomechanics causing the joints to grind together and degenerate.

The cartilage in the joints do not have a blood supply – which means there is no way for the cartilage to regenerate itself! Once the damage has been done – it is done for good! This is one reason why it is so important to stay on

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Concussion Treatment

Treatment For Concussion:

Are you or anyone you know suffering from a concussion?

Did you know that Cranial Osteopathy is becoming increasingly recognized as an effective healing modality for concussions and traumatic brain injury?

The skull is made up of 22 different bones. These bones are connected by joints called sutures. The sutures are not fused together but actually accommodate for a small amount of movement – They help to accommodate for the changes of pressure and circulation of fluids in and around the brain – and also help in absorbing shock and trauma from blows to the head.


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Do you suffer from Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Do you suffer from Sciatic Nerve Pain?
Osteopathy is an effective and natural form of hands-on treatment that focuses on realigning the body and reducing pain. One of the most common conditions Osteopathy seeks to treat is Sciatic nerve pain.
What is Sciatica?
The Sciatic Nerve is the largest nerve in the entire body. It leaves the body from the Sacrum and then travels through the hip, under the glutes and down the backs of the legs. When the Sciatic nerve becomes impinged – This is called Sciatica. It is normally accompanied with a sharp, burning pain

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Osteopathy May Help Frozen Shoulder

Osteopathy May Help Frozen Shoulder!
Frozen Shoulder – Also Called Adhesive Capsulitis causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. It usually starts slowly and over time the shoulder will become harder and harder to move until it becomes incredibly difficult to move the shoulder at all.
Frozen Shoulder is caused when the joint capsule of the shoulder thickens and starts to become very tight and stiff. Adhesions and thick bands of tissue begin to develop in and around the joint and in most cases there is less synovial fluid in the joint than there should be.

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Next Silent Retreat: September 26-29

Its happening again!

We will be providing treatments at the next silent retreat with Phoenix Healing Arts in September!! Come sit in your true presence of being from Sept 26-29 and touch the silence with-in.

Heal, laugh, love, play, feel – and above all hear your inner voice once more.

There arn’t enough words to describe how deeply healing and profound a silent retreat can be. 
Only in Silence can you reach the deep states of meditation talked about in a Yoga class.

Only in Silence can you find true rest for your soul.

Get your spot NOW and SAVE

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Yes, we provide Visceral Manipulation!

What is Visceral Manipulation?

When searching for the cause of pain in the body many people look directly to the muscles, bones and joints and never once think there may be a problem happening internally.

There are a number of different reasons why your organs could be responsible for the cause for your pain.

The first is known as the Visceral Reflex. Our internal organs refer pain poorly. When your liver, gallbladder, or other internal organs are in pain – They usually send those places to other places in the body. If you think about it right

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Manual Osteopath’s help with Neck Pain!

Neck Pain:

Neck pain is one of the most common conditions that people complain of in North America. Neck pain can range from being a mild nuisance to being an absolutely crippling and debilitating condition for some people.

The neck is a very important and also very complex area of the body. The spine here consists of 7 cervical vertebrae – the vertebrae in the neck are unique in that they are the most mobile joints in the entire spinal column. There are also a number of different facet joints and ligaments that connect the vertebrae together. 


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I was asked to help facilitate a silent meditation retreat!

I have always had the dream of running meditation and mindfulness retreats but how could I expect such a beautiful opportunity to come my way?

I will be working with Veronica of Phoenix Healing Arts! Veronica is an amazing yoga teacher and energy healer! She is also a spiritual counselor and an all around good human being.

Veronica will be running this magnificent retreat with yoga and guided meditations, barefoot hiking, and more!

There will also be a wonderful vegan chef Cathy-Anne on site making all of the food as healthy and tasty as can be! I

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How can Osteopathy help with disc degeneration?

A disc herniation can often be a very serious and debilitating injury.

In between each vertebrae of the spine there is a “disc” made to support the spine in each movement. These discs also provide shock absorption during physically demanding movements like running or exercising. The discs also provide the spine with flexibility and with the ability to withstand compressive forces.

The disc of the spine is made of 2 layers. The annulus fibrosus is the fibrous outer layer. It provides strength and stability to the disc while also remaining quite flexible and versatile.

The nucleus pulposus is like the

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Osteopathy for rotator cuff injuries?

Did you know that your rotator cuff consists of 4 very important muscles? These muscles are known as the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis.

These 4 muscles work together to provide stability and mobility to the shoulder joint. They assist in internal and external rotation and also keep the joint stabilized during certain movements of the arm.

The shoulder is the most mobile – but least stable joint in the body. For this reason it is quite common for injuries to occur to this area. When the rotator cuff muscles develop tendonitis, become impinged or are damaged – It

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