What types of conditions do Manual Osteopaths Treat?

Osteopathy is considered to be one of the most holistic healing modalities available today. Manual Osteopaths can treat a wide variety of different structural and also visceral conditions in the body.

We are primarily known for our ability to effectively treat pain in the muscles, nerves, ligaments and joints. We use a variety of hands on techniques to restore alignment in the body. These techniques release the pressure and tension from the nerves and soft tissue.

However, Osteopathy is so much more. There is a growing trend of patients seeking Manual Osteopaths for autoimmune diseases, gut health, visceral issues, hormone imbalances and more.

One of the top reasons people try Osteopathy is for issues such as concussions and chronic migraines. Unlike many other healing modalities – Osteopathy seeks to treat these conditions head on (literally) – By working to release and re-align the bones and sutures of the skull and to restore a proper pressure within the cranium.

Osteopathic Assessment

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